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CASI | Tomato and health
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Tomato and health

Tomatoes are part of the diet worldwide, especially in the Mediterranean region. It is a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and, therefore, their daily consumption has surprising health benefits:

Nervous and muscular system

It contains potassium which fuels muscle growth and the development of the nervous system.


Immune system

It contains vitamin C, A and E and minerals. Tomatoes increase resistance to infections and strengthen the immune system.


Cancer Prevention

Rich in vitamin C, E and carotenoids like lycopene tomato give the high antioxidant properties and thus is an excellent weapon in the fight against cancer.


Tomatoes have diuretic properties

Tomatoes are considered to have diuretic properties and be beneficial to eliminate toxins because they are high in potassium and low in sodium. Therefore, it is considered useful for people who suffer from high blood pressure, water retention, hyperuricemia and gout.


Improves eyesight

Its high content of provitamin A helps to develop and improve eyesight.


Lowers Cholesterol

It helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels and control good blood glucose levels in people with diabetes.


Antioxidant, purifying and prevents heart problems.

Antioxidants can block free radicals that modify the so-called bad cholesterol, improving blood circulation and helping to reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk. Furthermore, tomatoes are high in fibre and other substances and are therefore a mild laxative, helping to regulate bowel function and reduce the risk of gastrointestinal diseases such as colon cancer.


A centre that has been expanding year after year to become the great Auction it is today.

  • It is the head office and Auction centre for CASI.

  • The product is classified and standardised directly by the farmer and is sold the same day.

  • It is capable of managing up to 3 million kg of tomatoes per day.


A new tomato reference space in Almeria.

  • CASI packing station.

  • Adquired in September 2013, it has approximately 44,765 m².

  • One of the most modern production centres in Europe equipped with the latest machinery and technology.

  • It covers market demand in direct marketing and preparation.


CASI Organic centre

  • It is CASI’s Organic centre since the beginning of the 2015/16 season

  • Engaged in the production of Organic products to meet market demands.