100% Organic production

Casi, the leading tomato co-operative in Europe, introduces a new organic production line with the aim to fulfil the clients’ demands and the farmers who are increasingly opting for this type of production.

The co-operative didn’t want to take this step until making sure it had all the necessary resources in order to fulfil the requirements of this new line of production.  In order to do so, it was necessary to hire more multidisciplinary staff specialised in this type of production.

Dutch Cucumber

Long Dutch type cucumber. They are big, grooved, firm and dark green skin.


Long-shaped and shifting from light to dark green, bitter taste but with a sweet touch.

Rebel Tomato

This tomato is juicy, with firm flesh and balanced flavour.

Plum Cherry Tomato

This is a very sweet tomato, with thin skin and fleshy texture.

Vine Cherry Tomato

This fruit is slightly sweet, with thin skin and very juicy.

Plum Tomato

Plum tomatoes have thin bright skin, extremely long shelf life and sweet flavour.

Vine Tomato

It’s aromatic, fleshy and with an optimal firmness.


It’s long-shaped, with smooth shiny skin. Firm and with a consistent pulp, mild in flavour with a bitter dash.

Mini Watermelon

It concentrates all the flavour of the big watermelons in less space. Easy to eat and carry.

Long life Tomato

Regular shaped tomato, with a long shelf life and intense red colour.

Plum Vine Cherry

This is a sweet cherry tomato with very thin skin.

Round Cherry

It’s a small size tomato, sweet and it has a long shelf life.

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