Highest quality

Rebel Tomato

A flavour revolution

A ribbed bright red tomato that joins together the traditional colour, shape and aroma with the modern markets shape and aroma requirements. With Rebelion you would have the feeling of trying a traditional rustic variety, something revolutionary in the modern markets. 

Barbaro black tomato

The best quality

It’s a small-calibre, round-shape, sweet tomato with an acid dash. It’s difference lies in its dark green nearly black colour. Its skin is strong and it’s firm and long-lasting. The pulp is crunchy even when ripe.

Raf Tomato

The original

It’s a ribbed, irregular, deep wrinkled tomato. The colour is intensely green, reddish on the bottom part. Juicy and plenty of pulp so it’s ideal to eat fresh, just add salt and olive oil. It has a good size and a flavour to impress the most exigent palate.

Casi Pink

Soft and traditional flavour

Tasty and fragrant tomatoes featuring an excellent balance between flavour intensity, sweetness and acidity. Firm and big caliber fruits that increase their flavour as the fruit ripens.

Princess Watermelon

More flavour in less space

Good things come in small packages, so Casi is pleased to feature our small size Princess watermelon, a very special fruit as it concentrates all the flavour of the big ones in less space. Easy to eat and carry. Optimal external appearance with a medium-range green colour. Deep red, crunchy, tasty flesh.

Queen of Casi

The seedless watermelon

The “Queen of Casi” is available in all the sizes and features deep red flesh, excepcional sweetness and it’s seedless. The cutting and harvesting is carried out by specialised staff that decide the optimal moment according to the fruit ripeness. Our farmer-partners have our technical department at their disposal.

Organic by Casi

Organic production

A new organic production line with the aim to fulfil the clients’ needs and the farmers that opt for this kind of production. The cooperative didn’t want to take this important step until making sure all the requirements were covered in order to start this production line.

Casi Gourmet

Top quality

Gourmet fits perfectly Casi’s brand identity, only top quality products that fulfil the most strict quality protocols. Under the Gourmet brand can only go top quality products that strictly meet the requirements of the quality standards that are supervised by a specialised department.

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