CASI partidores

This facility has been extended every year since the 60s until nowadays and has become the major auctioning centre.

It’s Casi’s headquarters and auctioning centre. It can manage more than 1 million kilos of tomatoes per day.

CASI aeropuerto

A new reference area for tomato in Almeria.

It’s CASI’s production centre. Bought in September 2013, it has sq.m 44.765. One of the biggest production centres in Europe and equipped with the latest machinery and technology. It allows us to fulfil the markets demands in production and direct selling.

CASI San Isidro

CASI’s organic centre.

It’s Casi’s Organic centre since the 2015/2016 season. It deals with the Organic production in order to meet the demand of the market for these products.

CASI Alhama

CASI La Curva, Adra

CASI Vícar

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