Casi tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

Small easy-to-eat fruits that will burst in your mouth when you bite them with an explosion of flavour and sweetness.

Plum tomato

It’s known for its intense green colour and small calibre. It has a very characteristic acid touch.

Brown ribbed tomatoes

Marmande type tomatoes, almost brown in colour, with special qualities.

Long life tomato

Its intense deep red colour, regular shape and pulpy texture makes it easy to recognise.

Barbaro tomato

A great tomato, with an intense and special flavour.

Smooth tomato

A great tomato, with an intense and special flavour.

OX Heart inverted tomato

Inverted ox heart, characterised by its
high consistency and its great preservation.

Beef tomato

This tomato has a unique texture. Optimal balance between taste intensity, sweetness and acidity.

Pink tomato

A unique, elegant, eye-catching tomato. It has a traditional taste, delicate and exquisite.

OX Heart tomato

Large, irregularly shaped fruit, with a multitude of folds and undulations. 

Vine tomato

Its main characteristics are a very special natural aroma, fleshy and firm texture.

San Marzano tomato

High quality fruit with a strong consistency, a uniform red colour and an elegant shape.

Raf tomato

It has very deep wrinkles and it’s It’s known for its intense sweetness unparalleled to other tomato varieties. 

Rebel Premio al Sabor 2024

Rebel tomato

This tomato is juicy, plenty of flesh and sweet.

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