Política de calidad y medio ambiente

With the aim to allocate the entity, the governing board of the Cooperativa Provincial Agraria y Ganadera San Isidro, S. Coop. And. – CASI -, has established the following functioning principles:

Optimisation of customer service and satisfaction. 

Highest quality in the work performed, always being environmentally friendly.

Risk management approach based on risk and opportunity identification.

Minimise the environmental impact that the activities of our company may produce, so these activities are environmentally sustainable. 

Provision of the latest mechanical and human resources in order to provide a comprehensive and fast service. 

With all these principles we aim to achieve our clients full satisfaction, adding to the principles described previously our commitment to do it at a reasonable cost, and meeting at the same time with the precepts regarding food safety and respect and follow the safety rules at work, as well as all the other legal, regulatory and ethical requirements.

This way of working will allow CASI, in a constant process of consolidation and growth, sets itself and maintains a prominent position in the sector.

CASI, by its Quality handbook, sets up the necessary measures to reach and improve its service quality, establishing its quality policy in order to comply with its clients’ expectations, obeying with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 14001, GLOBALGAP Protocol, Organic production, OSHAS 18001, BRC Protocol, IFS Protocol, UNEGAP, Integrated Production and  GRASP regulations, being the herein provisions compulsory to comply by the whole company.

The governing board considers that it’s essential that all the employees, whose professionalism and efficiency is crucial for CASI renowned service quality, take part in this policy, always bearing in mind continual improvement.

The Quality Committee assumes the task to lead by example in implementing quality in all the activities, as well as encouraging action and team work in all the departments, continuous training for employees and therefore optimising internal communication, respond quickly to our customer emergencies, improve administrative systems and improve customer service deadlines. 

As we can see, the Quality Policy includes the commitment to satisfy the clients’ requirements, so as to continuous training including the necessary actions to address risks and opportunities of the integrated management System.

The Quality policy will be announced throughout the organisation, using the common communication channels, which are:

Staff training meetings.

Notice boards.

With this, we’d like all the staff to commit with its enforcement.

At the same time,  the company commits to avoid any kind of discrimination regarding ethnic background, religion, etc, and ensuring that the law is obeyed, as well as as gender equality. 

Alternatively, the entity follows an anti-corruption policy, embracing the Law, in order to do so the Management will be responsible for the social management and the compliance of social issues.

CASI S. Coop. And. Management, on the basis of the Labour Risk Prevention Law and the environmental regulations requirements, has developed a policy to be observed by all its workers, facilities and those working for their own, setting the following basic principles:

We take on the responsibility of continuously improving our working conditions, occupational safety and risk and injury prevention as well as  preventing pollution.

We have set as main objectives for the environment reduce energy consumption, and hazardous waste, mainly produced in our maintenance workshop in our premises and our partners/farmers. On the other hand, we intend to improve packaging management in the market via the business plans referred to plastic packages. 

Regarding safety, due to the complexity and size of CASI’s premises, we are committed to getting better first-aid specific training and evacuation.

Occupational accidents or any injury in the premises are mostly avoidable by a proper management that allows to adopt the right measures to identify, evaluate and control potential risks.

We equally have the commitment  to fulfil at least with the legal requirements and other measures that the organisation may have signed related to health and safety at work, as well as the environmental aspects.

Our workers are our main asset to ensure our future. So, they must be trained and familiar with the objectives of the company and their opinions should be taken into account.

Our production processes are carried out without compromising the workers’ health and safety.

In order to carry out these principles the following commitments have been assumed:

All managerial staff must ensure the right working conditions for the personnel at their responsibility. In order to do so, shows interest and sets example as part of his/her duties.

The company, which is committed to continuous improvement, would promote any weaknesses and/or suggestions for improvement are analysed, and if possible, applied.

We inform and train our employees about the potential risks of their position, as well as the resources and measures to prevent them.

We analyse any accident to set correcting measures to avoid it happening again.

Make sure the policy is passed on to all the people that work for the organisation, so they’re aware of their individual duties regarding health and safety at work.

Moreover, the Quality Policy plays a part in the Quality Handbook, and therefore is permanently monitored, as any other document in the system.

The Quality Policy is revised in every Management Evaluation, assessing at that moment whether it should be changed or not.

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